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Polyglycerol Monooleate (PGO)
Product details

Polyglycerol monooleate (PGO) is the product from esterification of polyglyceryl and oleic acid, it is a non-ionic emulsifier. Has strong foaming and stability which can increase the beating rate of cream. Widely applied in shortening, ice-cream, gluten and diary, etc.

Chemical name:

Polyglycerol monooleate (PGO)


Yellow to brown liquid, has a slight grease smell, dissolved in water and ethanol.

Quality standards:

GB1886.178-2016(force GB)

1). Acid value  KOHmg/g 


2). Saponnification value  KOHmg/g 


3). Iodine value (gI2/g)


4). Ignition residue (%) 


5). Heavy metal(Pb)(mg/Kg)


6). HLB  value


Product application:

1. In margarine(butterine): can improve the plasticity of fat and oil, prevent fat and oil from separation, prevent grease and water from oozing, improve the crystal structure and inhibit grease crystallization. Prevent splashes when grease is being fried, and develop the elongation and dispersion, in order to upgrade the taste and providing the perfect experience for taste buds.

2. In cake emulsified oil, noodles oil, bread oil, can ensure the silkiness of the starch structure, and prevent the starch from going retrogradation.

3. In plastics: can be used as inner lubrication and anti-static agent.

Usage and dosage:

Usage: Put the product into water or oil (approximately 1:3), heat up to 60℃ or above, stir to disperse and dissolve before use. In aqueous solutions, can be added with other materials concurrently, stir and dissolve, emulsify at the temperature above 60℃.

Dosage: 0.2%~0.5%.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Packed in 25kg/ barrel.

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