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Decglycerol Monostearate
Product details

Decpolyglycerol monostearateis an efficient emulsifier. It is a product of polyglycerol-6 and stearic acid, considered as a polyhydric alcohol. Appeals as the color of beige or light brown, smells slightly charred. Can be decomposed in water with heat. Stays in turbid when dissolved in glycerol; has high HLB value. It is a O / W emulsifier with strong foaming and stability which can improve the beating rate of cream. Widely used in bakery, ice-cream, gluten and dairy products.


Beige or light brown powder; slight charred smell, waxy. Dissolved in water and ethanol.

Quality standards: GB1886.178-2016

1). Acid value  KOHmg/g


2). Saponnification value  KOHmg/g


3). Iodine value (gI2/g)


4). Ignition residue (%)


5). Heavy metal(Pb)(mg/Kg)


6). HLB  value


Product application:

Ice cream: It can notably improve expansivity of ice cream,and make the taste slender、smoother, with good shape-keeping ability and necessarily dryness.

In butterine & chocolate: It applies to prevent grease separation、exudation , restrain grease riming, in addition to improving extensibility, dispersibility and taste of the products.

Plant albumen beverages(For example: almond milk, pit milk,  peanut milk,  coconut milk, yogurt, juice milk, soy milk, chocolate milk. Etc.). Can seemingly enhance the stability of the beverage products which contained fat and oil or protein, also it may prolong the shelf life of the beverages products.

Meat products: goods to produce sausage, lunch meat, meat ball, fish, stuffing, most of the times it requires to add some starch as the stuffing bulking agent. it can prevent starch retrogradation effectively. At the same time, because of its emulsification,it makes fat disperse fine for processing. It also can restrain finished products absorb water, shrinking and induration, prolonging its shelf life.

Instant noodles & fast food: It can improve its humidity and water penetrability,and makes moisture filter noodle inside soon ,using conveniently.

Usage and dosage:

Usage: Put the product into water or oil (approximately 1:3), heat up to 60℃ or above, stir to disperse and dissolve before use. In aqueous solutions, can be added with other materials concurrently, stir and dissolve, emulsify at the temperature above 60℃.

Dosage: 0.2%~0.5%.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Packed in 25kg/bag.


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