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Decglycerol Monooleate
Product details

Decaglyceryl monooleate is an efficient emulsifier. It is a product of polyglycerol-6 and stearic acid, considered as a polyhydric alcohol. Appeals as the color of beige or light brown, smells slightly charred. Can be decomposed in water with heat. Stays in turbid when dissolved in glycerol; has high HLB value. It is a W/O emulsifier with strong foaming and stability which can improve the beating rate of cream. Widely used in bakery, ice-cream, gluten and dairy products.

Chemical name:

CAS NO. : 79665-93-3  EU:E475


Light yellow vicious liquid, slight smell of grease; dissolved in water and ethanol.

Quality standards: GB1886.178-2016

1). Acid value  KOHmg/g


2). Saponnification value  KOHmg/g


3). Iodine value (gI2/g)


4). Ignition residue (%)


5). Heavy metal(Pb)(mg/Kg)


6). HLB  value


Product application:

In ice-cream: can significantly improve the expansion rate of the ice-cream, build up the silky taste, with good shape holding; At the same time, keep the ice-cream in necessarily dryness.

In butterine and chocolate, improve the crystal structure and inhibit grease crystallization, and develop the elongation and dispersion. Especially a good choice to use in the filling cream, can make stable and high intense foaming cream.

Usage and dosage:

Usage: Put the product into water or oil (approximately 1:3), heat up to 60℃ or above, stir to disperse and dissolve before use. In aqueous solutions, can be added with other materials concurrently, stir and dissolve, emulsify at the temperature above 60℃.

Dosage: 0.2%~0.5%.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Packed in 25kg/ barrel.

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